Enjoy Our Natural Products!

Bull-dog Sauce originated in Japan is made with the blessings of nature, sticking to the material and manufacturing method.

Even if the taste and liking change in an era where you can enjoy various food cultures, we would like to provide sauces that match them and always be "The partner of happy dining".

We will support your healthy dietary life by delivering new deliciousness that is safer, more secure and relieved more than anyone else.



Origin of Worcester Sauce

It is said that Worcester sauce was first created by a housewife who lived in the city of Worcester in Worcestershire County, which is in central England, about 180 km northwest of London.
She put vegetables, fruits, spices and salt together in a crock, and sometime later, it became a sauce with an appetizing aroma.
The sauce gained popularity for its delicious taste, and Lea & Perrins, Inc. commercialized it as Worcestershire sauce.


Sauces made with plenty of vegetables and fruits

Our sauces derive their natural sweetness and sourness from the natural flavors of the vegetables and fruits.

More than seven different spices

Our sauces feature a blend of more than seven spices, from familiar spices such as chili peppers and ginger, to others including cinnamon and laurel.

Up to 30% vinegar

Leading products do not contain food additives


Worcester sauce originated in Worcestershire County, England. The sauce was brought to Japan, and various changes were made to adapt it to Japanese tastes. The result is a Worcester sauce that is very much a Japanese seasoning, despite its foreign origin. Our Worcester sauce is the starting point for our Tonkatsu sauce, Chuno (Medium-Thick Dark) sauce, Okonomi sauce, and other sauces that complete an array of dishes that have evolved from the spread of food culture. “Washoku: Traditional Japanese Cuisine” was registered as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage and is now widely disseminated throughout the world. The prominent characteristics of Japanese cuisine are a respect for the distinct tastes of a diverse array of fresh ingredients, and a nutritional balance that underpins healthy dietary habits. These characteristics are the roots of our corporate concept—our aim to be a company that supports happy dining and health through the power and delicious flavors of nature. We intend to continue spreading the appeal and delicious flavors of our sauces throughout the world.


We place the utmost priority on food safety in our corporate group activities to continue to be a safe, secure, and trustworthy company so that our customers and their families can live every day in good health.

Food Safety System

Bull-Dog Sauce and Ikari Sauce acquired FSSC 22000 certification.

The Bull-Dog Sauce Tatebayashi Factory and the Ikari Sauce Nishinomiya Factory acquired FSSC (Food Safety System Certification) 22000 certification, a new international standard for the food safety systems of food product manufacturers.

Food Safety Policies

We comply with laws and regulations related to food safety, as well as the customer requirements we have agreed to satisfy.
As a member of the food chain, we always prioritize food safety, value communication about food safety with our customers, and thoroughly inform all employees about problems affecting food safety.
We train all employees so that they learn awareness and knowledge of food safety, as well as proper behavior toward that end.
We formulate systems and concrete rules and procedures for behavior so that everyone acts in ways consistent with food safety.
We conduct periodic management reviews to confirm the effectiveness of our legal and regulatory compliance, policies, rules, procedures and the like, and continuously revise them to improve their effectiveness.


The Bull-Dog Sauce Group aims to earn a strong bond of trust and love with its customers. Thus, we constantly take steps to conserve energy and reduce waste, and increase the proportion of environmentally friendly products and recycling rate of resources. We also actively contribute to society and disseminate information related to food culture.

Environmental Policies

The Bull-Dog Sauce Group is grateful for the bounty of the Earth, and each and every employee considers the preservation of the global environment in their efforts to produce safe food products so that people can live every day in good health.


Independently and continuously carry out environmentally conscious corporate activities. We set environmental targets and continuously promote proactive environmental conservation activities in order to steadily implement efforts to reduce our environmental impact.


Promote environmentally-friendly commercialization plans. We design and revise products with thorough consideration for the environment to contribute to environmental conservation.


Strive to prevent pollution by complying with environmental laws and regulations and other requirements. We comply with internal management standards that correspond to each region, including laws and regulations on the proper management of chemical substances and pollution control measures.


Promote conservation of resources and energy. We set voluntary standards that guide our proactive conservation of resources and energy.


Promote container and packaging recycling. We strive to reduce and recycle subsidiary materials to contribute to the creation of an efficient recycling system.


Promote recycling of food products. We strive to reduce and recycle food waste to contribute to the creation of an efficient recycling system.


Promote green procurement. We make efforts to switch to environmentally friendly materials in our purchasing of raw materials, auxiliary materials, office supplies, and promotional and advertising materials.

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